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Welcome to Regenix
Regenix is a fast growing health care company located at Chennai, India.
Core business includes manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products, medical equipments, biotech products and diagnostic kits.
Core service business includes medical diagnostic laboratory chain and retail pharmacy chain.
Mur & Mur-Uprep division invented new diagnostic kit for FNAC, CSF, Body fluid and Urine to detect Cancer cells-Patent application is in process
Rs.45 Crore turnover achieved by Regenix Group in the first half year of 2015-16
WHO-GMP Certified Pharma Factory started exporting to Guatemala,Nigeria and Srilanka
Super Lab expanded operation with new labs in Kerala
Pharma Launched Auto Q [Hydroxy chloroquine] in the second quarter
Employee strength of Regenix Group crossed 743 mark
  • The most Preferred Company for Employees-Regenix

  • Employee Work Satisfaction-Regenix

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