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Welcome to Regenix


Regenix Drugs Ltd incorporated as public ltd company (unlisted) in the year 2007. The Corporate office is located at Chennai. India 


The promoters are Dr A Ramamurthy and 2500 medical doctors. Dr A Ramamurthy is a post graduate in internal medicine, with gold medal from Madras University. The promoter has 25 years of health care experience as consultant and Director of BG hospital. Founder and Managing director of Grandix pharmaceutical company and Grandix Laboratories, which were sold to Strides Arco Labs in 2007 for 30 Million USD.


To become a global pharmaceutical company 


To invent or innovate newer medicines and change the outcome of health care positively. Also makes significant changes in the benefits of all stakeholders

Quality policy

We manufacture medicinal product with high degree of responsibility to provide 100 % quality product keeping in mind of safety and efficacy of our product to alleviate the sufferings of patients without fail

Business model

  • Pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing, marketing and exporting
  • Manufacturing and marketing of Biosimilars
  • Import and marketing of medical devices, diagnostic reagents and chromogenix assay kits for manufacturing of heparin groups
  • Retail pharmacy Chain
  • Diagnostic labs Chain
  • Medical disposables & First aid kit manufacturing and export

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  • RDL developed -15 innovative formulations of small molecules – First time in India WHP GMP accredited.
  • WHO GMP accreditation for formulation unit at Chennai.
  • Formulation Unit with 20 Dossier with COPP &FSC 350 marketing people and Pan India marketing operation.
  • Regenix –Super Lab - 5th largest Diagnostic chain in India- with - NABL accredited Central Lab  .
  • Regenix-Super Med 6th largest pharmacy chain in India.
  • Work force 830 plus as on 2017 march. 

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  • Forays in to biosimilars 
  • Pan India operation 
  • Development of LBC Automation 
  • Diagnostic Kit development & Commercial production
  • Research for development of Low cost PCR analytical kits 
  • Addition of genetic Lab & New Born screening tests 

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Latest News

  • Notice
  • Erythropoietin dossier submitted for DCGI approval 
  • Recombinant Insulin and insulin Analogue are under development 
  • Mono clonal antibodies are under Development
  • Fill finish Factory construction for Biosimilars  

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